EU´s Annual Forum for the Baltic Sea Region

Staň sa členom študentskej delegácie Výročného fóra EÚ pre región Baltského mora!

Viac o podujatí určenom pre študentov bakalárskeho a inžinierskeho stupňa štúdia nájdete nižšie.

Student Event, Join the student
                              delegation to EU's annual Forum for the
                              Baltic Sea Region

The Baltic University Programme invites students to take part as the student delegation to EU´s Annual Forum for the Baltic Sea Region 

When, where & who can apply?

  • 15th - 17th of June 2020
  • Turku, Finland
  • Open for undergraduate and graduate students currently enrolled at a BUP member university

The Annual Forum


Every year, the EU organize a forum for the Baltic Sea region. It is an event where business, politics, academia and society meet to discuss the future strategy of our region.

Student delegation


The Baltic University Programme has the possibility to send a student delegation to take part in the forum and participate in its seminars and events. The event offers an important insight to the regional policy making and the EU’s strategy of our region. We will also host a one-day seminar at Åbo Akademi University, with invited speakers from academia.

Deadline 20/3

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