VraK(ing) successful again


An outdoor installation of a historic tractor Zetor 25 in the SUA campus  was created in September 2012 as part of a student project VraK (ing), supported by the grant programme of Telefónica O2 Think Big, Orange, Nitra Community Foundation and sponsors. The project aimed to revitalize and restore the park, and to invite students to spend more time outdoors in the university campus. Telefónica made a video about the event.

Lead by Mgr. Lenka Konôpková (SUA PR Office), Katarína Gloneková, Terézia Slotíková, Stanislava Vajíčeková, Vanesa Kissová, Katarína Šabíková, Lukáš Rábek and Milan Mrázek participated in works.

In early October, Nitra Volunteer Day took place  near the installation.  More than 50 volunteers from our  and foreign project  teams helped to clean our university park, sidewalks, garbage and dry leaves.

The idea behind the campaign was to show others that they should not be afraid of new ideas and inspire each other.

Video (October 5, 2012)

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