The scientific conference of doctoral students of the three faculties of SUA also attracted the attention of the professional public


On the occasion of the 17th Science and Technology Week in Slovakia, an online scientific conference of doctoral students of the Faculty of Agrobiology and Food Resources, the Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Science and the Faculty of Horticulture and Landscape Engineering took place on 11 November. The event was supported by the deans of all three faculties: doc. Ing. Peter Ondrišík, PhD., prof. Ing. Norbert Lukáč, PhD. and prof. Ing. Dušan Igaz, PhD.

The program was divided into eight thematic areas: applied and molecular biology, biotechnology, nutrition, multifunctional agriculture, environment, landscape architecture and rural development, plant production, technology, quality and safety of raw materials and food of plant origin, animal production, and technology, quality and safety of raw materials and food of animal origin.

82 doctoral students registered for the conference, of which 13 were foreign (from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Russia and Uzbekistan) and 69 from Slovakia (from the MBU in Banská Bystrica, from the SAS institutes in Bratislava, Nitra and Košice and from the SUA - 25 FAFR, 18 FBFS, 14 FHLI, 1 FEM).

The participants were welcomed by the Vice-Dean of the FBFS prof. Ing. A. Kolesárová, PhD., and student representative, doctoral student FBFS Ing. Marko Halo. Peter Ondrišík Dean of FAFR, in his speech, praised the willingness of doctoral students to publish their scientific papers not only in the proceedings of the conference, but also in scientific journals. He wished both domestic and foreign participants the successful course of the conference and the establishment of new friendships, despite the virtual form of the conference.

The presented works were published in the form of an extended abstract in the proceedings, which is available on the conference website or in the form of scientific papers, which will be published in the Journal of Central European Agriculture, The Journal of Microbiology, Biotechnology and Food Sciences, Food, Archives of Ecotoxicology, Acta Horticulturae et Regiotecturae or Acta Fytotechnica et Zootechnica.

We believe that this historically first online form of a scientific conference brought all participants not only new experiences, knowledge, but also contacts and interesting ideas. On behalf of the organizing and scientific committee of the conference, we thank everyone for their excellent cooperation, congratulate the winners and look forward to the next meeting.

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