Tatiana Škvarková won the award in the competition of graduates of architectural schools


In the national competition for the Professor Jozef Lacko Prize 2020, which is awarded to the authors of the best diploma theses from schools with an architectural focus, graduates of the Faculty of Horticulture and Landscape Engineering of the Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra were also nominated for the final twelve: Ing. Paula Hoppanová with diploma thesis City Park in Vráble (thesis leader: Ing. Denisa Halajová, PhD.) and Ing. Tatiana Škvarková, with diploma thesis Recreation and sports activities in a rural environment (thesis leader: Ing. Arch. Ivan Čitáry, PhD.).

The PRO NATURA award for sensitive intervention contributing to the protection of the landscape and the natural environment was received by Ing. Tatiana Škvarková, who in the presented work was looking for adequate opportunities for sports and recreational activities of residents, visitors and cyclists in the village of Domaníky in the Hont region. As stated in the jury's evaluation: “The author addressed the topic with an enthusiastic approach already in the preparatory phase and chose a model site for her intention, the solution of which demonstrates the possibility of applying this approach in any other rural location. By mapping and selecting interesting attractions in the area (bike path, arboretum, lookout tower), she outlined the possibilities and forms of attractiveness and use of this area and its surroundings. Gradually, it was reworked to solve the center of the village, in which she placed a sports ground, playground, park ... the content, which can be applied universally, implemented anywhere.”

The national competition has been announced by the Association of Slovak Architects in cooperation with the Fine Arts Fund in honor of the memory of an important representative of Slovak modern architecture - Professor Jozef Lacko, since 1990.

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