SUA would like to become a leader in viniculture, winery, wine-tasting and use the knowledge for real life


That was the main topic of the discussion between the rector of SUA doc. Klaudia Halászová and authors of a successful academic textbook Winery, wine-tasting and enogastronomy, published under SPU publishing house, that has received the Golden Sickle Award at this year´s exhibition at AGROKOMPLEX.

The meeting with experts, authors of the textbook -  prof. Štefan Poláček, doc. Vladimír Vietoris from the Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Science at SUA and Ing. Mária Lumnitzerová from Château Topoľčianky was held on August 28, 2019 in rector´s office.

As the rector stated, the university is also occupied with the area of winery and viniculture and is raising high-quality graduates for real life. The university cooperates with former students, companies, top-class experts in the field of winery, viniculture in terms of education, research etc. It considers as especially significant the cooperation with Ing. Dorota Pospíšilová, breeder of multiple Slovak varieties of wine or famous Slovak viniculturist, wine maker, breeder of grapevine, Ing. Ondrej Korpás and also other significant experts in the field. “University needs to grasp the issue of viniculture and winery, the whole process, and to move forward the relationship with real life. It is  crucial to create a team of top-class experts at SUA, who would come up with a complex concept for the development of the given field through participation on calls, applying for research projects and close relationship with real life and institutions not only in Slovakia but also abroad. “said the rector. She added that the university also created perfect conditions for science and research in the AgroBioTech Research Centre, that is open to all scientific and research exploration for all our experts.

They also discussed the issue of practice for students of bachelor and master level that study winery, viniculture, fruit-growing, mechanization, economics, biotechnology and other related departments as well as developing facilities in the University Farm, s.r.o., Kolíňany. The rector, K. Halászová informed, that the system of practice will be developed the way students will obtain contributive information, experience and knowledge for real life.

In the end, all the involved agreed that Slovakia has a very rich – several thousand years history in viniculture, suitable climatic conditions for growing vine, so it is necessary to dedicate more attention to this perspective topic.


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