SUA will support creative thinking and talent. It won a project to build a creative center


The Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra won a project called Creative Center of SUA. The total eligible expenditure should reach more than six million euros, the SUA will share the costs with five percent co-financing. As part of the new project, the university will build a creative center, which will focus primarily on three sectors of the creative industry - design, architecture, advertising and marketing.

The main goal of the project is to mobilize and support creative potential in the Nitra region, building a favorable environment for the development of creative talent and non-technological innovations, which can help contribute to stimulating employment and job creation in the cultural and creative industries.

At present, there is no creative center operating in the Nitra Region that would provide services to such an extent as the proposed SUA Creative Center. Its ambition is to capture the untapped potential of young people - university and high school graduates of various specializations, but also start-ups and existing entrepreneurs in the creative industry, who would not leave the region and increase its overall status thanks to an environment that supports the development of their creative and innovative thinking and talent.

The proposed SUA Creative Center will be solved as a reconstruction of the unfinished and unused part of the building of the Slovak Agricultural Library in Nitra. Part of the building was approved after the reconstruction of the production building as a library in 2008. In the unapproved and unfinished part, the premises will be reconstructed for the needs of the newly emerging creative center.

The departments of the SUA Creative Center in Nitra (CC) will provide services within three programs - Development of Creative Talent and Skills, Business Support and Networking Support.

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