SUA students recalled the importance of the Velvet revolution with the first post-revolutionary rector


The events of November 1989 and their importance, but especially the situation at the then Agricultural University, were brought to the attention of current students of SUA by the first post-revolutionary rector prof. Ladislav Kabát. The memorial afternoon took place on 20 November in the Congress Hall of the AgroBioTech Research Center, with the participation of the University's management.

"In the troubled days of November 1989, our students, joined by teachers, also sent out a clear message: Our desire is to live in a free democratic country," said prof. L. Kabát. He then brought the young generation closer to the atmosphere of the pre-revolutionary days, in particular he expressed deep appreciation for the students, whose activity also attracted teachers to engage and discuss social development. “The society was frustrated at the time, and it was the students who drove the wheel of social development. Subsequently, they were joined by teachers because it was necessary to think about the further running and development of our university, ”said L.Kabát.

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