SUA Matriculation Ball Has a 60 Years Long Tradition


The last November day was also the last day of University Student Days of Nitra. Traditionally, its last event was Matriculation Ball of SUA. This year, however, the event was exceptional - it was held for the sixtieth time.


In order to celebrate the anniversary of the students with a proper noblesa, the management of the university and the faculties encouraged the organizers of the event in their effort to prepare great entertainment. "Ninehundred tickets were sold out within four days, and because of the big demand of students, we released another one hundred tickets" informed organizers of the ball, Mária Holovičová and Filip Tirpák.

The ball was oficially opened by SUA Rector, assoc. prof. Klaudia Halászová, and mandated Vice-Rector for Education, assoc. prof. Milan Šimko.

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