SUA Faculties Presented Themselves in Báčsky Petrovec and Kovačica


Representatives of all six faculties of SUA in Nitra visited the Serbian Vojvodina on 6 and 7 December 2018 to introduce our university to students of grammar schools where teaching language is Slovak. Assoc. prof. Milan Šimko, Ing. Jozef Repiský, Ing. Ján Gažo, Ing. Andrej Tárník, Ing. Ana Petrović, Ing. Ivona Jančo, Iveta Supek and Marek Krajčík approached students of grammar schools in Báčsky Petrovec and Kovačica with the study programs offered by individual faculties, answering questions about accommodation, meals, internships, practice, part-time jobs, as well as sports and cultural opportunities in Nitra.

"Serbian Slovaks", who still live in slovak villages in Serbia, have preserved their culture and traditions for more than 250 years. They talk with a beautiful soft Slovak language, in which many archaisms are heard. Typical is their hospitality and excellent food, which combines the best of Serbian, Hungarian and Slovak cuisine in the multi-ethnic Vojvodina.

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