SPU is preparing a university kindergarten


The Klások University Kindergarten should be established at the beginning of the next academic year 2020/2021. It will be intended for children of university staff and students.

According to the vice-rector of SUA for communication and practice doc. Ivan Takáč, it should be built on the premises of an existing kindergarten on Hospodárská Street in Nitra. ”The building with the land, where the kindergarten currently operates, is owned by the university. The current operator of the facility is the City of Nitra. The management of the university expressed to the city management its intention - in the form of a change of the founder to operate the kindergarten in these premises, ”said the vice-rector.

There are currently 32 children in the kindergarten, more than a quarter of whom are children of university staff. ”SUA is one of the largest employers in Nitra and many of its employees and students have been unable to place children in kindergartens in the city. For this reason, the intention arose to operate the Klások University Kindergarten for the children of our employees and students. ”

As far as the financing of the kindergarten is concerned, the majority of income will be made up of contributions to education for kindergartens, the so-called norms for the child and monthly payments of legal representatives. The capacity of the kindergarten is currently permitted by the Regional Office of Public Health in Nitra for up to 32 children in two classes, which corresponds to the number of pedagogical and non-pedagogical employees. "The kindergarten will fulfil the philosophy of the green university, from the point of view of focusing on healthy nutrition and ecology," concluded I. Takáč.

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