Jubilee Christmas Punch on FHLE


Practitioners, graduates, pedagogues, students of the Faculty of Horticulture and Landscape Engineering of SUA in Nitra and secondary schools met on the event Christmas Punch.

PhD. students of the Faculty of Horticulture and Landscape Engineering - members of the FHLE Student Council prepared a traditional pre-Christmas event - Christmas punch in Tulipánova Street's faculty premises. This year's jubilee tenth edition took place.

The Christmas punch is not just a meeting of people and the enjoyment of the early Christmas atmosphere, but traditionally it is also a expert event, which corresponds to one of the faculty's management goals, to bring more insights from practice into the academic environment. Also this year, some of the lecturers were graduates of the FHLE who are working in various parts of Slovakia. The next part was a debate with architects and landscape architects, as well as with representatives of public administration on the creation of public spaces in the city. The Mayor of Trnava, JUDr. Peter Bročka accepted invitation for discussion. Confrontation of experience and discussion of the public administration of manager with the architects was interesting and inspiring for all listeners.

After two lecture blocks, the event continued in a winter but pleasant informal atmosphere. Students, graduates, teachers and practitioners met, exchanged contacts, advice, suggestions and valuable information. The fact that it is a very good event is shown by the extraordinarily high participation of students, as well as graduates who did not miss the jubilee meeting. We are looking forward to meet you in next year!

FHLE Students Council

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