International award for the publication Winemaking, Sommelier and Enogastronomy


The Paris-based International Organization (O.I.V.), which covers 46 of the world's wine-producing member countries, presented online awards for wine and viticulture publications online on 17 December.

The author's team from the Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Technology - prof. Štefan Poláček, prof. Ján Tomáš and doc. Vladimír Vietoris and expert from practice Ing. Mária Lumnitzerová, whose publication Winemaking, Sommelier and Enogastronomy was awarded as "Mention speciále L´OIV". This award is given to publications for their complexity and contribution in the field of viticulture and viticulture. The SUA Publishing House also received recognition for the graphic design and overall design of the publication. At the online awards ceremony doc. Vladimír Vietoris received the award for the author's team.

The publication, which is also a university textbook, was published in 2019 by the SUA Publishing House. It is intended for students, teachers dealing with this issue, as well as professional tasters, participants in wine competitions, consumers, sellers and wine producers. In 2019, it won the Golden Scythe in the science and research category.

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