FEM: Introduced the use of the Consumer Studies Laboratory in practice


The Faculty of Economics and Management of the Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra, in cooperation with the Regional Chamber of Agriculture and Food in Trnava, the Union of Vegetables and Potato Growers of Slovakia and the Union of Fruit Growers of the Slovak Republic, organized a workshop on 18 July. The presentation of the use of the Laboratory of Consumer Studies in practice was also attended by the Rector of SUA doc. Klaudia Halászová and university management representatives.

“In the laboratory, we examine the shopping space, what the consumers buy and how they feel. We try to help the manufacturer in choosing the packaging, colours, product design, but also in the right price, placement on the shelf and how to set up the whole shop environment so that the consumer feels good.”said FEM Dean prof. Elena Horská. She added that in less than a year the laboratory had been piloted and had first references, which were particularly relevant to the retail and service sectors.

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