Erasmus Village


On Tuesday 19th November the entrance hall of our university turned into ERASMUS VILLAGE organized by the International Relation Office, where the students, staff and visitors of the university could "visit" Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Czech, Romania, Latvia, Russia and Greece, although only virtually.

Foreign students studying at SAU within Erasmus, Erasmus Mundus and bilateral cooperation offered through their exhibition booths and presentations of their countries and universities "firsthand" information to those interested in internships abroad. Passersby voted for the most interesting booth. The winner of this year was deservedly Tajikistan, mainly thanks to a rich tasting of the traditional dishes. Creators of the winning booth - Aliev Tabarali and Mukim Siamardov, Erasmus Mundus- CASIA students at FESRD as well as one of the voting passersby  Ondrej Petrus ( 2. Bc. FEM ) won a prize. Student organization Erasmus Student Network, which helps international students to integrate into student life at SUA, also had their own booth and will be happy to welcome the new " internationally oriented "  volunteers to join their fans to their "buddy team" . Although we counted the visitors in dozens only and non-participation of representatives of several countries has brought disappointment to many Slovak students who were interested precisely in their countries, we believe that this activity has fulfilled its purpose and brought the opportunity to establish informal contacts between Slovak and foreign students as well to get more information about studying abroad. Thanks to all the participating foreign and Slovak students and visitors who were actively involved in the activity, as well as members of ESN for help in organizing this event.

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