EIT Food RIS Fellowships online workshop at SUA


Under the auspices of the EIT Food Hub in Slovakia, the Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Technology of the Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra, on 14 May, EIT Food RIS Fellowships conducted an online workshop for students and graduates applying for internships in companies and companies focused on the agro-sector and food system in EU countries.

The workshop was attended by six students and university graduates from Slovakia and Spain. The programme of the workshop was focused on current issues and challenges in the agricultural sector, as well as building a good name and brand in business in this sector. The professional part of the programme was led by Adam Brocka from the design studio KIUUB. Students solved a group task in order to evaluate their communication, leadership skills as well as teamwork. A mathematical and analytical test was also included. Testing took place online under the guidance of specialists and evaluators from Poland and Slovakia.

The results of the workshop, as well as the overall evaluation of the course, proceed to the next evaluation at the European level, where the students with the highest points will be selected.

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