Concert "Christmas Gift of SUA"


Christmas is a time of giving - not only with material gifts, but especially with loving words, creating an unforgettable pleasant atmosphere, fulfilling noble goals. Under the auspices of this philosophy, under the auspices of the rector of SUA in Nitra, Klaudia Halászová, on 11 December, a traditional Christmas concert of the SUA took place at the University Hall.

As Rector said, the title of the concert presents a gift to former and current university staff as well as to students and other public. She has asked all of us to be kind to each other "because only then will we be good people".

The concert moderated by Danka Moravčíková and Roderik Virágh brought out again the performances of popular artists: University Folklore ensemble Zobor, Cimbalová hudba ZOBOR with first violinist Milan Veróny, university superstar Lucia Bakaiová, and Viliam Hubinský. The main guests were brothers Malachovský - Martin and Sväťo. 

Visiors had the opportunity to visit traditional "Christmas Village" located under the main hall, where thy could see and buy products from civic associations, sheltered workshops, staff/students of SUA that are craftsmen.


Concert "Christmas Gift" - videoreport by ITŠ Mladosť


Christmas Village - videoreport of ITŠ Mladosť


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