Chinese Ambassador declared an interest in cooperation


As explained by Mr. Ambassador, SUA is the first university that he  visited after his appointment to  the office hoping  that the visit will be a good opportunity to develop existing cooperation with Chinese universities and institutions.

"SUA has a very good reputation not only in Europe but also in Asia, and it  is known for the wheat program developed in a partnership with Indonesia. Your University has done a great progress and I am optimistic about our future quality cooperation. We are interested in participating in the wheat program and implementing  it to Chinese conditions. We would also like to  cooperate in other topical areas such as food security, bio-energy, ecology, biotechnology, biochemistry, etc., "said Pan Weifang. Mr. Ambassador also said that the embassy can be a bridge between the SUA and top Chinese universities that have expressed  their interest in the new cooperation.

After that the guests were informed about the structure of our university and the existing cooperation with Chinese universities and organizations which has a long tradition. Since 2002 there has been six bilateral research projects implemented  at with Chinese partners  focusing on research tolerance of cereals to drought and high temperatures, sensitivity of the primary processes of photosynthesis and the impacts of climate extremes on the production characteristics of strategic crops in China and Slovakia and eco-physiological factors of  production of fruit and ornamental trees. In 2009, a cooperation agreement between China Hengshui Luyuan Flower and Tree Ltd. and  the SUA botanical garden was signed allowing  the exchange of seed and plant material,  seed technology, plant protection and nutrition. Further cooperation includes  an exchange of plant materials  in orchards, dendrologic and floristic researc, selected assortment of fruit and ornamental trees.

Among other partners cooperating with our university we can mention the Institute of Natural Sciences, Shandong Agricultural University, Taia, Beijing Institute of Botany and Ecology Research Institute of Coastal Zone in Yantai ,Chinese Academy of Sciences and Research,  Dry Farming Institute, Hengshui  in Hebei Province.

In addition to common projects,  successful publications in international journals with a high impact factor, resulting from a partnership of experts from China and SUA were presented.

To conclude the visit  our guests viewed the laboratory of  photosynthesis in the Department of Plant Physiology of the Faculty of Agrobiology and Food Resources and became acquainted with the ongoing experiments with winter and spring wheat which is implemented at the  Department in collaboration with the Centre for Research Plant Production in Piešťany.

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