Ceremonial meeting on the occasion of the new academic year


After the introductory poem by Jozef Šimon – “Desert bird” recited by Lenka Škoricová from the Primary Art School Jozefa Rosinského in Nitra ,  the Rector of SUA Dr.hc prof . Ing . Peter Bielik , PhD . , welcomed several special guests , including  H.E. Ambassador of the Lao People's Democratic Republic in Vienna Khamkheuang Bounteum , H.E. Ambassador of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in Slovakia  Nguyen Xuan Luu, the state secretary of the ministry of education, science , research and sport  Štefan Chudoba , president of Nitra self-governing  region Milan Belica , mayor of the city of Nitra Jozef Dvonč  and others. In his speech, the SUA Rector particularly welcomed the first year students , who also attended the opening ceremony , then reviewed the past year and presented the future plans and intentions in the development of the university . He also mentioned , that one of the most important tasks that awaits us , is to prepare for next year's comprehensive accreditation of higher education institutions , which will take place in Slovakia . " On July  1, 2013 SUA has entered  the accreditation process.  The university management  took on several arrangements to make the process of accreditation at our  university  and  successfully defend our  university status , " said the rector . The other major tasks to be carried out  is a successful project "Building Research Centre AgroBioTech " focused on agro - bio - technology research , preparation for new projects supported by the EU structural funds in the new programming period and their implementation to the requirements of applied research center AgroBioTech building or reconstruction of the state veterinary and food institute , which  became the property of SUA from  July,1  2013  . " These premises with an area of more than 5 thousand m² are planned to be modify as soon as possible and to be used for educational activities as well as scientific research activities , " said the rector .

After the rector´s speech, the secretary of state from ministry of education Štefan Chudoba and president  of Nitra self-governing region Milan Belica presented their speeches.  Both of them thanked and addressed words of appreciation and challenged students to continue to spread the good name of their alma mater in their study area - agriculture , which is the key to life.

New Associate Professors

Festive atmosphere enhanced the presentations  of appointment letters to new associate professors at SUA who had the prior approval of the scientific councils at the faculties and were awarded scientific and pedagogical degrees with effect from  May  1, 2013 : doc . Ing . John Marečka , PhD . , department of storing and processing of plant products and doc . Ing . Radoslav Židek , PhD . , department of food hygiene and safety.

 Rector's award for publications

Another part of the program was the rector´s award for publications in year 2012. In the category of a scientific article – a young scientist award was presented to Ing . Vladimír Vietoris , PhD . , from the faculty of biotechnology.  The article was published in the Talanta journal .

For successful publication in 2012, Ing . Marek Živčák , PhD ., was awarded with honorable prize,  which won at the Slovak Academy of Agricultural Sciences, 9th annual competition for the best scientific paper published in 2012 in the category of young scientists . Work of joint authorship was published in the journal Plant Physiology and Biochemistry .

In the category of scientific monograph in biological and agricultural sciences prize was awarded to: authors  Miroslav Juráček - Daniel Bíro - Branislav Gálik - Milan Simko - Michal Rolinec - Ondrej Pastierik - Andrej Kupecsek - Francis Csidey - Peter Jablonický and Marian Majlát from FAFR monograph for nutritional value and silage maize hybrids . In the category of scientific monographs  in economic and social, was awarded to team of authors : Lubomir Gurčík - Izabela Adamičková - Natalia Turčeková and Viktor Porhajaš from FEM for memoir Methodological aspects of evaluation of economic efficiency of the fruit cultivation in the Slovak Republic .

In the category of scientific monograph in technical sciences these authors were awarded : Miroslav Žitňák - Miroslav Macák of TF for the Monograph of mathematical model for calculating the transport efficiency of agricultural materials . In the category of university textbook the prize was presented for textbook General animal breeding,  team Ondřej Kadlečík - Radoslav Kasarda .

In the category of a scientific article of the year was awarded Ing . Peter Toth , PhD . , from FAFR for authorship article published in the journal New Phytologist .

Finally, the event has been traditionally enriched by a cultural program of folklore ensamble Zobor , in the first part they sang songs from Liptovská Teplička area , in the second part they performed dances from Ružomberok area .

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