Please choose your courses from the list of courses.

The standard work load is 30 ECTS credits per semester, minimum load is 20 ECTS per semester.


List of courses is available HERE

List of study programmes is available HERE 

When you choose a course, you can find detailed information in ONLINE COURSE CATALOGUE offered in English.
After clicking on a specific course you can find "ECTS Syllabus" on the top of the page with more information about the course. Please note that some courses are completed by "fullfillment of requirements", i.e without exams and a grade, only credits are given. 

After that, please review carefully:
  • whether all courses will be offered in the semester when you want to take them

  • whether they are offered in English (Language of instruction)

  • that you have the number of ECTS credits between 20-30 ECTS per one semester of your stay at our University.

If necessary, changes can still be made to your Learning Agreement after arrival.

In case you need more information about the courses please contact the academic coordinator of the particular faculty.