The Faculty of European Studies and Regional Development

The Faculty of European Studies and Regional Development (FESRD) of Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra was established on 1st April, 2004. The aim of the Faculty is to prepare specialists in the field of European Development Programmes, Regional and Rural Development, as well as Environmental Management.

The study fields of this faculty are oriented to educate specialists for integrated society development, regional development, natural resource management, crisis management, economy and management of the rural tourism. Education in these fields is compatible with the European standards. Since the establishment of the faculty, up to now 2014, there has been 1 771 graduates on the 1st degree, 1 780 graduates on the 2nd degree, 16 graduates on the 3rd degree including 80 foreign students have finished their study. In academic year (2013/2014) 980 students had studied at the faculty.

The faculty consists of 6 departments and 5 centres:

Department of Regional and Rural Development

Department of Public Administration

Department of European Policies

Department of Law

Department of Ecology

Department of Sustainable Development

BioEnergy research Centre

Center of International Programmes

Centre of Baltic University

Jean Monnet Chair

Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence

Academic officials:




Vice- deans

doc. JUDr. ELEONÓRA MARIŠOVÁ, PhD. Vice-dean for International Affairs


prof. Ing. PAVOL SCHWARCZ, PhD. Vice-dean for Research


doc. Ing. JANA JARÁBKOVÁ, PhD. Vice-dean for Education


prof. Ing. DUŠAN HÚSKA, PhD. Vice-dean for Development


Contact person:

doc. JUDr. Eleonóra Marišová, PhD., Vice-dean for International Affairs


Tel.: +421/37/6415072, +421/37/6415512

Faculty Scientific Journals:

Acta Regionalia et Environmentalica

EU Agrarian Law