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28.09.2016 15:11:56 by SPU Web Editor

SUA Opened the Third Year of Education of the Chinese Language

On 26 September, SUA opened not only the new academic year but also the third year of education of the Chinese language.

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28.09.2016 15:10:17 by SPU Web Editor

SUA Started New Academic Year 2016-2017

On 26 September, SUA in Nitra ceremonially opened the new academic year 2016–2017 in the great hall and, in this way, it started the 64th academic year in the history of the University.

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23.09.2016 08:33:32 by SPU Web Editor

Attila Tóth was awarded a prestigious award in Switzerland

Ing. Attila Tóth, PhD., Assistant Professor at the Department of Garden and Landscape Architecture of the Faculty of Horticulture and Landscape Engineering SUA in Nitra, got the prestigious award in Switzerland – Outstanding Student of the 3rd Cycle (Doctoral).

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21.09.2016 14:45:15 by SPU Web Editor

Visegrad University Association, General Meeting 2016, Szent Istvan University Godollo, Hungary

General Meeting of Visegrad University Association 2016 took place at Szent Istvan University Godollo, Hungary on September 18-20. The meeting was attended by more than 50 representatives of 23 VUA member universities coming from 10 countries.

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21.09.2016 09:32:08 by SPU Web Editor

Zaporizhzhya National Technical University is interested in the cooperation with SUA in Nitra

On the initiative of representatives of Zaporizhzhya National Technical University (ZNTU) in Ukraine a meeting at SUA in Nitra was held on September 14.

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