BIOREGIO: Regional cirular economy models and best available technologies for biological streams

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Project title
BIOREGIO: Regional cirular economy models and best available technologies for biological streams
Project summary
BIOREGIO will improve knowledge related to circular economy of biological materials and increase their recycling rates. The expertise of best available technologies, e.g. biorefinery, biogas production, and relevant co-operation models, e.g. ecosystems, networks and administrative cooperation, will be transferred. The project will share expertise and promote the possibilities for closing the loops of biological streams, e.g. as fertilizers and biofuels, instead of disposal.
As a result of BIOREGIO the regions will be better equipped to develop new policies and implement new technologies and co-operation models in order to move towards circular economy of biological streams.
Project addresses the following policy instruments:
Sustainable growth and jobs 2014 – 2020, Finland´s Structural Fund Programme
ERDF Regional Operational Programme Castilla La Mancha
Central Macedonia Operational Programme
Programme of economic and social development of Nitra Self-governing Region
Regional Operational Programme 2014 -2020 for Romania
Operational Programme Pays de la Loire ERDF-ESF 2014 – 2020
BIOREGIO Project Activities
1st National Stakeholder Meeting (23/03/2017)
On 23 March 2017, the first national stakeholder meeting took place at SUA in Nitra. Stakeholders from the Office of Nitra Self-Governing Region, Municipality of Nitra, National Recycling Agency NARA-SK, Simply Clean Ltd., University Farm Ltd. and Eurodružstvo Bratislava gave presentations on ongoing projects in the field of circular economy and suggested best practices related to biological streams.
First Interregional Event, Lahti (Finland) (25/04 - 27/04/2017)
The 1st interregional event will gather partners and stakeholders to start the active coopeartion. Best practices of circular economy of biological streams in the Finnish partner region of Päijät-Häme will be presented.  The 3 days long event will offer an interesting program including roundtable discussions, workshops, expert presentations and site vistits. Click here for more information.
BIOREGIO 1st Newsletter (June 2017)
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