The SUA in Nitra is also involved in the project of Visegrad Green University


The Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra is part of the V4 Green Universities (V4GU) project, which brings together green universities in the Visegrad region. Other members of the project are the University of Pécs (Hungary), the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague (Czech Republic), the University of Kragujevac (Serbia) and the Ukrainian National Forestry University.

"The aim of the project is to connect universities that care about their environment, actively work on their" green "solutions and motivate their students to think about the environmental impact of our daily activities," said SUA Vice-Rector for Strategic Development doc. Ing. Drahoslav Lančarič, PhD.

According to Ing. Andrej Tárník, PhD., one of the researchers, a joint conference of partner universities as well as other universities from Europe and the world, which are looking for inspiration for their own environmental projects, took place within the project activities. Other planned project activities are a video campaign to raise awareness of environmental quality topics, a workshop of experts, local government, scientists and activists, and in particular a competition to highlight our students' interest in current climate change issues, the environmental footprint and other "green topics". Details of the competition will be announced in early 2021.

"We are pleased that we can proudly be among green universities and we are an inspiration for other universities," adds Ing. Tárník.

The project is supported by the Visegrad Fund.

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