SUA successfully presented at the jubilee tenth year of the All-Slovak Field Days


SUA successfully presented  at the jubilee tenth year of the All-Slovak Field Days

SUA in Nitra is traditionally a co-organizer of the All-Slovak Field Days exhibition, organized by Profi Press, s.r.o., a publishing house of the “Roľnícke noviny“. The university also successfully presented itself at the tenth year, which took place on June 8-9 on the plots of AGRO Division Selice in the Šaľa district.

More than 140 exhibitors gathered for the exhibition of varieties, plant protection and nutrition, agricultural machinery and livestock. Visitors had the opportunity to see 40 species of various field crops and 50 novelties within the varieties on 710 fields, of which 485 were focused on varieties and 225 on variants of crop protection and nutrition.

Our university at the Field Days

Our university was also present at the event. It was represented at the opening by the Rector Klaudia Halászová. SUA also presented itself at the main exhibition area, where the possibilities of studying at all six faculties were presented. The exhibition was traditionally realized by the Office of Communication and Public Relations in cooperation with the University Services Department, SUA Publishing House, and the floral decoration was prepared by the employees of the SUA Botanical Garden.

As a co-organizer of the event, SUA traditionally participates in a two-day program. In addition to a tour of agricultural machinery and field experiments, demonstrations of plowing and field work with a historic tractor were prepared for visitors, the professional guarantor was doc. Jozef Ďuďák from the Faculty of Engineering (TE), there were also interesting professional lectures focused on variable application of fertilizers and protective substances, variable depth of tillage, telematics and autonomous and robotic systems in plant production, led by professional guarantors - prof. Vladimír Rataj and doc. Miroslav Macák from TE. Experts from TE - doc. Vladimír Cviklovič, Ing. Patrik Kósa, PhD., and doc. Martin Olejár was also impressed by the autonomous mobile robot SaMoRob, designed to support activities in precision agriculture, which was developed by a team at the Department of Electrical Engineering, Automation and Informatics, TE.

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