SUA is the owner of the European patent for long-lasting pastries for special nutritional purposes and the method of its production


The Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra (SUA) is the owner of the patent Durable bread for special nutritional purposes and the method of its production, number 288733, granted by the Industrial Property Office of the Slovak Republic. The European patent was granted by the European Patent Office on September 28 this year under the number EP3491925 and under the name Long Life Pastry for Specific Nutritional Purposes and Method of its Production. The demanding process of granting a European patent took almost two years with the filing of a patent application on December 3, 2018. The inventors are the experts - doc. Tatiana Bojňanská, Ing. Marián Tokár, Ph.D., doc. Vladimír Vietoris, Ing. Eva Ivanišová, PhD., and doc. Vlasta Vozárová.

As Tatiana Bojňanská informed, the granted patent concerns products intended for consumers whose digestive processes or metabolism are disrupted and require special foods. "Diseases that require the consumption of foods with a special composition include celiac disease, a chronic inflammatory autoimmune disease of the digestive tract caused by intolerance to certain prolamine protein fractions, which mainly affects the mucosa of the proximal parts of the small intestine. The incidence of celiac disease has been rising worldwide in recent years, and the only effective treatment is a gluten-free diet, ie a diet that does not contain the celiac active ingredients of some cereal proteins. Although there is a relatively wide range of products for celiacs on the market, we worked with the idea when preparing a patent that celiac disease is often associated with other intolerances, such as lactose or other metabolic diseases, most often diabetes mellitus, "said T. Bojňanská. She also added that in the case of lactose intolerance it is necessary to exclude milk and dairy products containing lactose from the diet, in the case of diabetes mellitus it is necessary to follow a diet based on controlled, resp. reduced intake of carbohydrates.

Durable pastries for special nutritional purposes are made from naturally gluten-free raw materials, while SUA experts have tested its various combinations. It does not contain any wheat, rye, barley, milk, eggs, sugar (sucrose), the basis of the product, which is in sweet and salt variant, consists of flour (corn, rice, chickpea, buckwheat), lecithin and chia seeds

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