SUA has obtained a European patent for a method and device for securing power supply in the event of a failure of one or more phases


In January of this year, the European Patent Office (EPO) granted the Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra a European patent EP 3353873 Method and Device for Electric Power Supply of a Single Phase Appliance During a Failure of One or Multiple Phases or more phases).

Patented technology and device of the inventor doc. Vladimír Cviklovič and co-authors - doc. Marián Olejár, prof. Dušan Hrubý, doc. Ondrej Lukáč, prof. Zuzana Palková, Ing. Stanislav Paulovič, Ing. Vladimír Pánik and Ing. František Adamovský, represents a solution that ensures a continuous supply of electricity for single-phase appliances.

The device was developed at the Department of Electrical Engineering, Automation and Informatics of the Faculty of Engineering on the basis of departmental research of phase failure in municipalities and peripheral parts of cities where property damage occurred repeatedly under specific circumstances. The developed prototype was tested in two years of continuous operation with a positive output. The prototype device is currently at the TRL 8 level.

As Vladimír Cviklovič informed, 1PhEnergyOn represents a solution that includes several possibilities to increase safety, whether in the field of lighting or the operation of heating systems. “Low power consumption in a power-free mode causes minimal environmental impact. Checking the status with possible notification is also possible by connecting the system to an intelligent electrical installation. Further direction focuses on all the processes necessary to produce the first series. Another important part is the optimization of the structure of the device in order to maintain a low price with high reliability in operation, as well as to meet the requirements of the widest possible circle of potential customers, "said the inventor.

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