SUA built an accelerator of edible and medicinal mushrooms


In the greenhouse of the university Botanical Garden, an accelerator of edible and medicinal mushrooms was established, which is under the responsibility of the Department of Vegetables of the Faculty of Horticulture and Landscape Engineering. The construction modifications were financed from the funds of the SUA Grant Agency, the instrumentation for the modification of the microclimate for the production of mushrooms through the MushROOM project, supported by the Tatra banka Foundation.

According to the project submitter Ing. Marcel Golian, PhD., From the Department of Vegetable Growing, the newly created space will serve as a follow-up experimental base, for verifying laboratory results of scientific research tasks, but also as an experimental classroom for students of all three levels of study and students of the University of the Third Age.

"The space is also used for teaching the subject of edible and medicinal mushrooms and horticulture, and at the same time students, authors of final theses, focusing on the technology of growing Stropharia rugoso-annulata, the technology of growing Hericium sp. and verification of the dependence of the content of bioactive substances in oyster mushrooms on the composition of the growing substrate, "said Ing. Golian

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