Sausage Festival "Klobásovica 2018"


Appearance on the cut and on the crotch, texture, taste, smell, juice and overall impression. Those were the evaluation criteria of the jury that tested the samples of the products of the seven competition teams at the traditional Sausage festival "Klobásovica 2018".

The event was held on 28 November 2018 in Dormitory of A. Bernolák as a part of University Student Days of Nitra. Organizers were students of the Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Science under the supervision of their teachers.

The quality of sausages was evaluated by a panel of teachers: prof. Dana Tančinová, prof. Jozef Golian, Ing. Ján Lajda, assoc. prof. Vladimír Vietoris, assoc. prof. Marek Bobko, assoc. prof. Peter Ondrišík, Ing. Zuzana Drdolová, assoc. prof. Ján Mareček and Ing. Branislav Dendiš from Mäspoma.

The first place won "Gurmán team", the second was "The College of Academic Sausages" and bronze went to Serbian first year students "Team Max". The special prize for decoration was awarded to the team "Blind Unicorn".


The event was supported by: Mäspoma, SUA University Farm in Kolíňany, Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra, Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Science, Department of Evaluation and Processing of Animal Products and Department of Storage and Processing of Plant Products.

Technical cooperation: Divadlo na Osmičke.

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