Representatives of Armenia at SUA


Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra was visited by the delegation of the Republic of Armenia on December 4. The delegation was led by the Minister of Education and Science of the Armenian Republic Mr. Armen Ashotyan who was accompanied by the Rector of Armenian State Agrarian University Prof. Arshalyus Tarverdyan and the Head of Public Relation and Information Department Mr. Artur Baghdasaryan. The Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic was represented by Bc. Hana Rechtoríková.

SUA Rector, Prof. Peter Bielik, informed the guests about the role and structure of our university, its strategic goals as well as the possibilities of cooperation through Visegrad University Association. "We believe that your visit will be the first step towards mutual fruitful cooperation” said the rector.

The Vice-Rector for Science and Research Prof. Marian Brestič, informed the guests about  research  and scientific achievements and activities of our university, in particular the successful project Building  the Research Centre Agrobiotech.

At the end of the meeting the Memorandum of Cooperation between SUA and ANAU was signed.

In the afternoon,  the guests accompanied by Prof. Miroslava Kačániová, viewed the laboratories of the Department of Animal Physiology, Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Sciences.


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