Marina Valenćíková and Simona Halásová became Baltic University Program ambassadors


As part of the quality of education, the university has a duty to offer students opportunities to participate in international projects and consortia. One of the consortia of which SUA is a member is the Baltic University Program, which in February announced a call for students to become BUP ambassadors in their own country, actively participate in the creation of BUP activities and also participate in its further direction. Our students also responded to the call, from which two students were selected: Ing. Marina Valenćiková (FESRD) and Simona Halásova (FEM). I wish them much success in their work as an ambassador.

Ing. Barbora Čakovská, PhD., Director of the BUP National Center in Slovakia


Simona Halásová: "I applied for the position of BUP Ambassador because I personally attended a conference in Estonia in 2019 as part of the program, where I had the opportunity to learn more about the activities of BUP and gain a lot of new knowledge. Thanks to this, I would like to move my experience further and acquaint the students of our university with the possibilities that the program offers them in cooperation with SUA. My expectations mainly include the development of the BUP community at the university and the deepening of partnerships with program members. I also believe that working together will open up new opportunities for me in my future professional life."


Marina Valenćikova: "I decided to join the program in order to gain more contacts, ie to expand the networking circle on the campus, maintain an active presence on the Internet and social networks, through which I will be able to provide information and answer questions about opportunities and irreplaceable experiences that SUA can provide our students thanks to cooperation with BUP. I expect to improve my skills, develop interests mainly in the field of marketing and leadership in a well-established organization such as BUP."

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