From the EIT Food RIS Fellowships online workshop. Challenges and trends in the agri-food sector


From the EIT Food RIS Fellowships online workshop

As part of the EIT Food Hub in Slovakia, an online workshop of EIT Food RIS Fellowships was held on May 27 under the auspices of the Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Sciences of the Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra for registered students and graduates from Slovakia and the Czech Republic applying for internships in top European companies focused on the agro-sector and the food system.

The workshop took place in conjunction with the EIT Food Hub in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, with eleven participants from Slovakia participating in the workshop. The program of the event was focused on current issues of challenges and trends in the agri-food sector. Within the program, an interactive group task was assigned in order to evaluate the teamwork of the candidates and their communication as well as leadership skills. The workshop also included a mathematical and analytical test. Finally, based on the feedback from the participants, the overall course, quality and level of the online event were evaluated.

The workshop was led by specialists from Poland, during the whole event students and graduates were under the supervision of evaluators from Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Poland. The evaluators for Slovakia were: Ing. Eva Ivanišová, PhD., from the Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Sciences and Ing. Simona Baldovská, PhD., from the SUA Research Center AgroBioTech. The achieved results of the workshop participants will be further consulted in the next evaluation at the European level, where the students with the highest number of points will be selected.

Although only those with the highest points can advance to the next round, active participation in the online workshop is a great benefit for participants in terms of gaining new experiences and contacts.

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