FHLE: From the Exhibition of Student´s Atelier Works


At the Faculty of Garden and Landscape Architecture at Tulipanova Street, 5th December opened an exhibition of atelier works by students of the Department of Garden and Landscape Architecture. At the same time, they introduced two catalogs of student work.

The works in the catalog "Ateliér creation - landscape and and garden architecture" were created during three years in the framework of atelier works from the field of green and public spaces, in towns and villages, under the guidance of KZKA - Mária Bihuňová, Attila Tóth, Ivan Čitáry, Martina Verešová , Roman Flóriš, Denisa Halajová, Soňa Bellérová, as well as external collaborators Zoltan Balka and Štefan Lančarič. The catalogue is not only an introduction to the atelier's work at the department, the authors hope it will serve as inspiration for students and the public in the creation of greenery. The second catalogue of works of art - PORT, was created under the direction of S. Bellérová.

Exhibition catalogue is a collection of selected student atelier works from 2015 to 2018 - Atelier creation - and is available online.

The exhibition is opened and available for public till the end of January 2019 at the premises of the FHLE Pavilion.

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