Europe Wants Euro-Engineers. Graduates of Two SUA Faculties May Apply for Title "EurIng"


Graduates of the Faculty of Engineering and of the Faculty of Horticulture and Landscape Engineering of the Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra, who have at least two years of experience and knowledge of the world language at the level of the state examination, may apply for the title of "EurIng" since last year.

The FEANI European Monitoring Committee decided to include both faculties to FEANI index at the beginning of 2018.

Title euro-engineer (EurIng) indicates the European equivalent of technical higher education and guarantees the professional and social quality of Europe's engineer. It may help the graduates when choosing a job in the European Union and contributes to dynamic career growth. The EurIng certificate solved the problem of mutual recognition of professional qualifications and allowed unlimited mobility of engineers in Europe and the world. European companies publish the number of their euro-engineers as a proof of the quality of the company's management and its ability to work in the market and in the promotion of its products.

Title "EurIng" can be officially listed within name. Its award does not require any additional exams.

Here you can find more information and requirements for receiving the certificate:


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NitraDeň.sk: Absolventi dvoch fakúlt Slovenskej poľnohospodárskej univerzity môžu požiadať aj o vyhľadávaný európsky titul EUR ING

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