Career Day and HACKATHON. What did the EIT Food Hub Additional Activities Scholarship Competition bring?


The University Day of Career (Oct 15) also brought an interesting event - the so-called social HACKATHON. It was a competition in which five student teams were looking for a practical solution to the problem of how to reduce food waste in households in Slovakia.

According to Prof. Danka Moravčíková, several activities were combined as part of the event. “The event was organized and financially covered by EIT Food Hub in cooperation with the Slovak Innovation Energy Agency, which solves the project and organizes events of this type at secondary schools and universities.

The essence of such a competition is generally that young people's teams are dealing with a particular problem that is put by people in practice. The submitter of the theme for the first social hackathon at the Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra was Zuzana Madajová from the FreeFood civic association and the topic fully corresponded to the focus of the activities of the EIT Food Hub project.

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