Artificial intelligence will help prevent the spread of viruses. The idea brought the FEM student first place in the startupist competition.


A ceremonial announcement of the results of the Slovak University Startup Cup 2020 competition, prepared by the non-governmental organization Junior Chamber International (JCI) Slovakia, took place in Bratislava on 24 June. The winner of the artificial intelligence category was Patrik Jurčišin, a first-year student of the Faculty of Economics and Management (FEM), who also won a special award for innovation.

The research team led by Bc. Patrik Jurčišin consists of Ing. Ján Bajús, PhD., and Ing. Jakub Berčík, PhD., from the Department of Marketing and Trade FEM. Their winning startup, called the Quick Entry Health Check System, focuses on the use of artificial intelligence to recognize emotions based on facial expressions, the distribution of human body temperature (new to IXPO 2019) and solutions that can be used to prevent the spread of viral diseases. In this context, they are developing devices for non-contact temperature measurement, face protection detection and personal recognition.

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