Architecture Day presented significant works. The public's attention was also drawn to a tour of the SUA's buildings


Architecture Day is an important event that has a 10-year tradition in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. It is linked to World Architecture Day, which has been set for the first Monday in October since 1996 and coincides with World Human Settlements Day.

On October 3, a commented tour of the SUA campus - a national cultural monument by architects Vladimír Dedeček and Rudolf Miňovský  took place. It was led by doc. Ing. arch. Roberta Štěpánková, PhD., and Ing. Miroslav Čibik from the Department of Garden and Landscape Architecture FHLE, who are also the solvers of the UNI: ARCH project, focused on the historical, cultural and architectural values ​​of buildings managed by the Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra.

The participants of the show learned more about the historical context of project creation, about the construction of the complex, about its authors, about the current situation, but also other interesting facts. “Some of them, former graduates, remembered their student times and returned to the lecture rooms and to the Assembly hall, where they received their diploma years ago. Other participants were interested in the interior of the university, around which they pass daily, and some of the visitors were experts - architects who were enchanted by the secret of the sustainability of architecture half a century ago, "says doc. Roberta Štepánková. "We are grateful for the interest of the public and at the same time the opportunity to present the values ​​of the 20th Century Building," add the organizers.

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