Internal Quality System Assurance at SUA

Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra (SUA) provides, organizes, and ensures education in accredited study programmes of bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degree studies and in lifelong learning programmes. The university has been granted the right to habilitation proceedings and proceedings for the appointment of professors. With its scientific and educational focus, it is the only university in the Slovak Republic (within the framework of unique study fields and implemented study programmes), which has further direction of Slovak agriculture and rural development. External evaluation of the quality of education was carried out at the national level, provided by the Accreditation Commission. After a comprehensive accreditation of universities in the Slovak Republic in 2014, SUA defended the status of a university.

Since November 1, 2018, the new system of accreditation has been established. The accreditation process is based on the review of the internal quality systems of Higher educational institution, the assessment of the self-evaluation report of the institution and the opinion of a panel of experts (also international experts). Based on the quality provided by the university, the scope of authorization is granted - one of them is the accreditation of the study programmes.

This system is ensured by the Slovak Accreditation Agency for Higher Education. The Slovak Accreditation Agency for Higher Education serves also as external quality assurance agency in higher education in the Slovak Republic. The mission of the Agency is to contribute to the improvement of the quality of higher education through modern tools following the European Standards for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ESG 2015).


The university has an internal quality assessment system built on the basis of national and international quality assessment frameworks for higher education institutions, which was created according to:

European norms and guidelines ESG 2015 (European Standards and Guidelines, ESG), generally binding legal regulations of the Slovak Republic, state accreditation and evaluation criteria, the criteria used to comment on the internal quality assurance system, criteria of rating agencies, directives governing the implementation of the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS).

SUA received the prestigious international ECTS Label award (for the period 2010-2013 and 2013-2016) and the Diploma Supplement Label award (2013-2016) awarded by the European Commission.

In 2016, the university participated in the competition for the "National Award of the Slovak Republic for Quality", which is the highest award that organizations can receive in the field of quality management systems. In the public administration sector, the university received the "Organization Performance Improvement Award".

The study programme of Landscape and Garden Architecture offered by the Faculty of Horticulture and Landscape Engineering of the SUA in Nitra has been recognized and accredited by the International Federation of Landscape Architects - IFLA Europe in 2012. In 2018 the programme was re-evaluated and accredited by IFLA Europe for another 5 years until 2023.

On 5 and 6 December 2019, the EUR-ACE accreditation of the study programme Control Systems in Production Technology at the bachelor's and master's degree took place at the Faculty of Engineering at the SUA in Nitra. The EUR-ACE brand guarantees that the study programme meets the highest European quality standards.

By completing a EUR-ACE accredited study, students will meet the strictest criteria for graduates in European business practice, they will gain better opportunities for mobility within the EU, their

academic qualifications will be recognized by an authorized agency. The study programme of the Faculty of Engineering of the SUA in Nitra, Control Systems in Production Technology has been accredited within the EUR-ACE system since 1 January 2020.