The World of Turtles

by Kamila Ondrasova

The staff of University Vivarium, that is the part of the SUA Botanical Garden, organize a successful workshop in collaboration with the Club of Turtle-Breeders . The third year was held on 10 November in the Botanical garden´s greenhouse teaching room.

"The pollution of the oceans and the state of the animals living in it are currently one of the often mentioned ecological themes, which importance should definitely be emphasized. Our department is very happy to contribute to raising awareness and education not only for the professional but also the general public, "said Robert Kirchner, head of the University Vivarium.

Another seminar with Czech and Italian lecturers will be held from 15 to 16 March 2019. A lecture by Hana Svobodová, a recognized Czech biologist, will be presented - The Protection of Sea Turtles in Borneo.

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