The Academic Senate of the SUA will be led by assoc. prof. Jana Lendelová

by Kamila Ondrasova

Inaugural meeting of SUA Academic Senate held on 5 November 2018 in SUA Congress Centre included the election of the Chairman, Vice-Chairs, Bursar and members of the working committees.  

The meeting was led by the Chairman of the Central University Election Committee Ing. Ivan Takáč, PhD. , who welcomed the present members of the Senate, rector of the SPU assoc. prof. Klaudia Halászová, representatives of the university management and of faculties. After the composition and signing of the promise of new members, assoc. prof. Danka Moravčíková, who led the Senate for the last four years, thanked the former members for their cooperation and, at the same time wished to new members a lot of work enthusiasm.

In the vote by ballot, assoc. prof. Jana Lendelová was elected as chairman of the SUA Academic Senate Academic Senate for a new term of office. The Vice-Chairs are: assoc. prof. Marta Habánová (FAFR), prof. Soňa Javoreková (FBFS), assoc. prof. Danka Moravčíková (FEM), Ing. Ľubica Rumanovská (FESRD), Ing. Andrej Tárník (FHLE), Ing. Danica Vraniaková (Rector's Office) and Ing. Mária Holovičová (for the student part). In the upcoming term of office, Mgr. Mária Urbanová will be bursar of the Senate.

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