MBA Green Week in Podkylava

by SPU Web Editor

Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra organized an international event called Green Week for MBA AGRIMBA students. The professional part of the event was managed by Professor Bruce Ahrendsen from University of Arkansas, USA.

From 12 until 16 June, students from Nitra and Russian Belgorod met in Podkylava and visited one of the most successful agricultural companies – agricultural production and trade cooperative PVOD Kočín, as well as Agrifarm Podkylava, in which they became familiar with activities of Biofarm Charolais. Students had the possibility to discuss issues of interest, current problems and future perspectives with senior managers of both companies and, although farming is not easy, the most common opinion offered to students was that agrisector has a good perspective if managed adequately. Students also met with the Rector of SUA and the Director of MBA Programme, Dr.h.c. prof. Ing. Peter Bielik, PhD., in Agripension Adam in Podkylava. During the event, participants in the international Green Week were divided into three teams and their task was to elaborate case studies for both visited companies and to offer several interesting solutions.

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