Honorary Degree for Prof. Włodzimierz Sady and Prof. Ivan Kreft

by SPU Web Editor

On 15 June, the ceremonial meeting of the Scientific Council of SUA in Nitra supplemented with Scientific Councils of Faculties took place on the occasion of awarding the degrees of Doctor Honoris Causa to two internationally acknowledged personalities of pedagogic and scientific life. Based on the proposal of the Scientific Council of SUA in Nitra, the honorary degrees were awarded to Prof. dr. hab. inż. Włodzimierz Sady, the Rector of University of Agriculture in Krakow, Poland. The Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Sciences of SUA in Nitra awarded the honorary degree and thus appreciated academician Prof. Dr. M.Sc. Ivan Kreft, Ph.D. from Nutrition Institute in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Ceremonial inauguration took place in auditorium of SUA in Nitra and was attended by important personalities of academic, social and cultural life.

Prof. Włodzimierz Sady was awarded the degree for his active cooperation in the development of the University in scientific, research and educational activities. Scientific activities of Prof. W. Sady are mainly focusing on the issue of crop cultivation, fertilization and plant mineral nutrition including enrichment of the content of trace elements and reduction of crop contamination caused by nitrates and heavy metals, as well as vegetable production with high nutritional and biological value. His scientific outcomes represent more than 380 publications. He acted as a manager of the main research of 32 research projects. He is a laureate of numerous academic, sectoral and state distinctions. Prof. W. Sady significantly contributed to the development of academic, scientific and research cooperation of SUA in Nitra and UA in Krakow. In accordance with the priorities of the European higher education and research, he supports involvement of faculties and individual workplaces in project and publication activities in cooperation with colleagues and workplaces of SUA in Nitra. Thanks to continuing realization of intense academic mobilities between both institutions, it may be stated that UA in Krakow belongs among our stable and long-term partners.

Prof. Ivan Kreft was nominated for the degree by FBFS for his active cooperation in the development of the University and his personal contribution to realization of scientific cooperation. He is an acknowledged expert in the field of plant genetics and physiology and tissue culture research. He is an author of the first Slovenian higher education textbook of genetics, and a pioneer in electrophoresis analysis for the genetic polymorphism research. His scientific contribution includes deepening of the basic knowledge in the field of genetic and physiological aspects of increase in food quality of crops (buckwheat, barley, wheat, corn, pumpkin, etc.). He participated in the development and improvement of research methods in distribution of secondary metabolites, microelements, protein, starch, fibre, as well as ultrastructural characteristics of seeds. As a leader of scientific teams, he discovered epigenetic influence of protein containing selenium in the process of cell breathing of pea and buckwheat. He is a pioneer and a promoter of buckwheat cultivation and its use in human nutrition. His cooperation with SUA has been long and he also participated in the establishment of AgroBioTech Research Centre as a foreign expert.

In his speech, Prof. W. Sady emphasized mutual fruitful educational and scientific cooperation of both Universities, as well as fields and issues of joint research and creation of international study programme, organization of specialized events, realization of mobilities, student activities, etc.

Prof. I. Kreft  focused mainly on scientific and research cooperation, he emphasized a joint bilateral project of SUA and University in Ljubljana, within the framework of which experts oriented towards the research on pseudocereals suitable for the preparation of food stuffs with demonstrably positive effect on human health, suitability of such food stuffs in people with food intolerance, re-discovery of buckwheat and its incorporation into the menu of nowadays population and use of its unique properties.     

SUA in Nitra has awarded 39 degrees of Doctor Honoris Causa so far, the first one to obtain the degree was Dr. Jacques Diouf, Director General of the Food and Agriculture Organization, in 1995.      

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