Fountain of Nitra - Successful Project of Faculty of Horticulture and Landscape Engineering

by Kamila Ondrasova

The Fountain in front of the District Court at Štúrova Street in Nitra was given a new face thanks to the successful project "Fountain of Nitra".


The project was succeeded by teachers from the Department of Garden and Landscape Architecture (DGLA) of the Faculty of Horticulture and Landscape Engineering - Ing. Denisa Halajová, PhD., and Mgr. art. Soňa Bellérová. The project was supported by an amount of 5,000 euros from the grant program "Changing my hometown".

The aim of the program, which was launched by the City of Nitra in cooperation with the Nitra Community Foundation, is to improve the quality of public spaces and local sites, to restore or revitalize them. Support for individual projects was decided by the public in online voting.

The project preparatory phase was realized also with students of the 4th year from DGLA. The fountain is actually a fountain object as well as mobiliar. "We wanted to make a demonstration of the alternative that this is how it can be solved," explained S. Bellérová. She added that natural wood paneling should humidify this area of the city.

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